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Ensuring Safety and Performance Through Professional Inspection

Mobile Tyre Shop’s tyre technicians employ the latest digital tyre scanning technology to swiftly evaluate tyre safety for a wide range of vehicles, from family cars to entyre fleets. Our fully qualified team conducts safety inspections with the flexibility to perform them at your residence, workplace, or any preferred location.

As an independently-owned establishment, Mobile Tyre Shop takes pride in delivering impartial assessments with a singular focus on optimizing the lifespan of your existing tyre set. If necessary, we can carry out on-site tyre rotations and balancing during the inspection. Following every safety assessment, we provide comprehensive tyre reports, and our work is backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

Prioritize Your Safety and Tyre Longevity. Schedule a Comprehensive Safety Inspection with Mobile Tyre Surgeons Today. Our Team Is Ready to Serve You Wherever You Are.

Don't Compromise on Safety: Replace Your Tyres Today

“The Critical Role of Tyre Condition in Braking Distance”

The condition of your car’s tyres has a profound impact on its braking distance. Don’t delay tyre replacement until it becomes a safety concern. Reach out to Mobile Tyre Shop today, and we guarantee to deliver and install new tyres on your vehicle at your location within 48 hours.

Assessing the state of your tyres is a straightforward process. Simply measure the depth of the shallowest groove in the tread. If you have more than 3mm, your tyres are safe. Tread depths between 3mm and 1.6mm indicate wear and necessitate replacement. Anything less than 1.6mm is perilous and renders the tyres unroadworthy. If you’re uncertain about how to check your tyre’s safety, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Mobile Tyre Shop. We’re here to assist you.


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“Fast and convenient tyre service right at my doorstep. Mobile Tyre Surgeons is a game-changer.”

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“Impressed with Mobile Tyre Surgeons battery check during the tyre change. They’re efficient and hassle-free!”

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“Tyres delivery and fitting – Mobile Tyre Surgeons saved my time and money. Highly recommend to my friends.”